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How do you post a recipe on Instagram?

Social media has indeed taken the world by storm and has become a very important and integral part of our day-to-day affairs. Whatever issue we might encounter or an update we might want to receive from anyone, be it your friend, family, or someone else, we always make our way to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to do so. There is also no contradicting the fact that a lot of us are guilty of spending a fair bit of our time on these social media platforms for a variety of reasons. Instagram is one platform that is considered extremely versatile and user friendly because of its new and improved updates regularly. While speaking of Instagram, one cannot simply overlook some food influencers who have been a major part of the Instagram revolution that has been taking place in recent years. If you are a budding food blogger, you can also check out who views your Instagram using the following link:

Who are food influencers?

While it is indeed true that the word “influencers” has been misused because of how it is being used on social media, but it is also true that these same influencers are impacting the lives of their followers on different levels. Food influencers are the ones who go to different restaurants and cafes, try out different dishes, take luring pictures of the food that they eat and post their critiques and reviews on social media platforms like Instagram. These people usually have a lot of following and therefore whatever they say or do really has a lot of weight and also have the tendency of influencing how their followers eat and make food items.

How do you post a recipe on Instagram?

Food influencers can also be people who cook themselves. They are not necessarily only the people that just eat food and review accordingly, but also ones that are good at cooking. One of the most basic things such influencers do is post different food recipes on their profile for others to see and follow. There are also different means through which this can be done. While posting recipes can be done the simple and traditional way on Instagram, other ways of doing so can include different and interesting Instagram features.

The following ways are some through which you can post different recipes on Instagram in more interactive and creative ways.

Use stories

People usually underestimate the reach and engagement levels of Instagram stories. They can be very effective if you are trying to communicate a message to your followers. The same can be the case with food recipes. You can use different filters on your stories and write recipes so that everyone has fun reading and following them.

Use hashtags

Using hashtags might be very traditional, but there is no denying the increase in reach and engagement is possible through the use of relevant and interesting hashtags. This will enable your recipes to be read and followed by more people.

Take inspiration from competitors

Taking inspiration from similar accounts is also the right approach, but always make sure that you are not copying their ideas or their content without giving them the credit they deserve.