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How to See Who Is Online on Instagram

You may now easily connect with your Instagram pals by seeing when they’re available to talk. You’ll notice a green dot next to your friends’ profile pictures when they’re active on Instagram in different places inside the app, such as the Direct inbox and your friend list if you share a post from the feed. Status updates are only visible to friends who follow or have chatted to you directly.

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How do you post a recipe on Instagram?

Social media has indeed taken the world by storm and has become a very important and integral part of our day-to-day affairs. Whatever issue we might encounter or an update we might want to receive from anyone, be it your friend, family, or someone else, we always make our way to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to do so. There is also no contradicting the fact that a lot of us are guilty of spending a fair bit of our time on these social media platforms for a variety of reasons. Instagram is one platform that is considered extremely versatile and user friendly because of its new and improved updates regularly. While speaking of Instagram, one cannot simply overlook some food influencers who have been a major part of the Instagram revolution that has been taking place in recent years. If you are a budding food blogger, you can also check out who views your Instagram using the following link: www.simplygram.com/can-you-see-who-views-your-instagram/

Who are food influencers?